The 100th Episode is a mystery that will probally be trying to be discovered for the rest of time. 


This was the first episode to be known as Episode 100, it was mentioned on that it was episode 100, with this: Well, in Episode 100, Skips has to tell his cousin to not tell his bad jokes! Will this work out? Find out Monday Night at 8/7c! 

Caveman Edit

There was a rumor over the internet that it was Episode 100, there were many websites. 

A Bunch of Full Grown GeeseEdit

This episode was celebrated as Episode 100, even in it's promo, it said "Regular Show, 100th Episode Special," how ever, in episode count, this is episode 98, but if you count The Pilot and Mordecai and Rigby: Ringtoneers, it is episode 100.

Limousine Lunchtime Edit

This is the "real" 100th episode, it is the 100th episode to air on TV.