Hamboning is Rigby's proposed solution to many of his and Mordecai's problems, though it is only referenced in The Power. It involves slapping his body rhythmically. When he and Mordecai "bust a hole in the wall," after wrestling [Beef Burrito], the two need to figure out how to pay for the damage to fix the wall. The two agree that they should ask Benson for raises, but Rigby disagrees with Mordecai's simple approach of just asking Benson, saying "what are you, 65?" Instead, Rigby says that "hamboning" is the solution. He feels they should go to Benson and say "we both want raises," and slaps his body repeatedly, and then Mordecai's to illustrate his point. Mordecai disagrees, saying "we're not doing that, okay?" Rigby then tells Mordecai how hamboning will save his life someday, but agrees to hold off on it at the moment.    

When everyone is sent to the Moon to save Skips, the Moon Monster tries to attack Skips. Rigby attempts to stop the monster with the keyboard, but the batteries die at that moment. He recalls his previous statement to Mordecai about hamboning saving his life someday, and says "I know what to do!" He proceeds to "hambone" the monster's foot, until the monster drops Skips, and Skips grabs Rigby. They all get back home safely after Skips rewires to golf cart to power the keyboard, proving that hamboning can really have life-saving powers.


  • "Hamboning will save your life some day! It'll be all like 'what, you tryin mug me?' I'm telling ya dude: Ham-boning!" - Rigby
  • "I can't believe you just did that." - Mordecai, after seeing Rigby hambone the Moon Monster


  • Hamboning was also heard in "Exit 9B".
  • Hamboning was also heard in the Adventure Time episode Freak City.