iTunes is a system created by apple. It's available on iPod Touches, Computers, iPads and iPhones. You can read books, watch movies and shows, listen to podcasts, etc. Regular Show is one of the shows available.

USA VersionsEdit

There are 7 regular show volumes on iTunes so far. This is the USA version.

Volume OneEdit

The Power/Just Set Up the Chairs

Caffeinated Concert Tickets/Death Punchies

Free Cake/Meat Your Maker

Grilled Cheese Deluxe/The Unicorns Have Got to Go

Prank Callers/Don

Rigby's Body/Mordecai and the Rigby's

Volume TwoEdit

Ello Gov'nor/It's Time

Appreciation Day/Peeps

Dizzy/My Mom

High Score/Rage Against the TV

Party Pete/Benson Be Gone

Brain Eraser/But I Have a Receipt

This is My Jam/Muscle Woman

Temp Check/Jinx

See You There/Do Me a Solid

Volume ThreeEdit

Grave Sights/Really Real Wrestling

Over the Top/The Night Owl

A Bunch of Baby Ducks/More Smarter

First Day/Go Viral

Skunked/Karaoke Video

Stick Hockey/Bet to be Blonde

In the House/Death Metal Crash Pit/Creepy Doll

Skips Strikes/Camping Can be Cool

Slam Dunk/Cool Bikes

House Rules/Rap it Up

Cruisin'/Under the Hood

Weekend at Benson's/Fortune Cookie

Volume FourEdit

Think Positive/Skips vs. Technology

Butt Dial/Eggscellent

Gut Model/Big Winner

Video Game Wizards/The Best Burger in the World

Replaced/Trash Boat

Fists of Justice/Yes Dude Yes 

Busted Cart/Dead at Eight

Access Denied/Muscle Mentor

Trucker Hall of Fame/Out of Commission

Fancy Restaraunt/Diary

The Best VHS in the World/Prankless

Death Bear/Fuzzy Dice

Sugar Rush/Bad Kiss

Volume FiveEdit

Exit 9B

Wallpaper Man/Party Bus/Payback

Starter Pack/Pie Contest

150 Piece Kit/Bald Spot

Guy's Night/One Pull Up

The Christmas Special

T.G.I. Tuesday/Firework Run 

The Longest Weekend/Sandwich of Death

Ace Balthazar Lives/Do or Diaper


Volume SixEdit

That's My Television/A Bunch of Full Grown Geese

Regular Show: 100th Episode Sneek Peek

The Best Episodes in the WorldEdit

This is My Jam/Over the Top

Creator Interview: This is My Jam/Over the Top

A Bunch of Baby Ducks/More Smarter

Creator Interview: A Bunch of Baby Ducks/More Smarter

Cool Bikes/Karaoke Video

Creator Interview: Cool Bikes/Karaoke Video

Exit 9B

Creator Interview: Exit 9B

The Christmas Special

Creator Interview: The Christmas Special

A Bunch of Full Grown Geese/Death Punchies

Creator Interview: A Bunch of Full Grown Geese/Death Punchies

UK VersionsEdit

Volume OneEdit

The Power

Just Set Up the Chairs

Rigby's Body

Caffeinated Concert Tickets

The Unicorns Have Got to Go

Free Cake


Meat Your Maker

Prank Callers

Volume TwoEdit

Volume ThreeEdit

Volume FourEdit

Volume FiveEdit

Volume SixEdit

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  • On The Best Episodes in the World, some episodes are rated TV-14, when in reality, they are rated TV-PG.