This is a list of characters in Regular Show.

Main CharactersEdit

Mordecai: Mordecai is a 23 Year Old Blue Jay who appears in every episode except from The Naive Man from Lolliland.

Rigby: Rigby is a 23 Year Old Raccoon who appears in every episode except from 2 in the AM PM and The Naive Man from Lolliland.

Benson: Benson is a 32 Year Old Old Gumball Machine who appears in 68 episodes. (including The Pilot and 2 in the AM PM.)

Pops: Pops is a 105 Year Old Lollipop who appears in 72 episodes (including The Pilot, 2 in the AM PM and The Naive Man from Lolliland.)

Skips: Skips is a 4568 Year Old Yeti who appears in 69 episodes (including The Pilot.)

Muscle Man: Muscle Man is a 30 Year Old Human who appears in 80 episodes (including The Pilot.)

High Five Ghost: High Five Ghost is a 20 Year Old Ghost who appears in 52 episodes (including The Pilot.)

Margaret: Margaret is a 23 Year Old Robin (though she resembles a cardinal) who appears in 27 episodes.

Eileen: Eileen is a 23 Year Old Mole who appears in 16 episodes.

Minor CharactersEdit

Baby Ducks Thomas GBF RGB2 Starla Death Uncle Steve GBF Jr. Don Iacedrom Ybgir CJ Quips God of Basketball Alpha-Dog Mr. Maellard Gary Stag Man CrewCrew The Unicorns Blitz Comet The Guardians of Eternal Youth The Urge Mrs. Maellard Summertime Song Muscle Man's Mom Muscle Dad Party Pete Ace Balthazar Muscle Bro John Benson's Family Klorgbane Susan Master Prank Caller Future Mordecai and Rigby Negative Rigby Mother Duck Techmo Hot Dogs Demel-Ishun Low Five Ghost Giant Susan Broseph Chilaxton Duck Collector Doug Francois Percy Doom Ma Geddon The Hammer Magical Elements Howard Fightington No Rules Man Thomas Cool Prosecutor Lemon Chef Night Owl Knight Dude Audrey V-Tron Gregg Gene HFG's Father Bad Luck Warlock Blonde-Men Were-Skunk Angel Diane Moon Monster Chad Ballroom Ghosts Capicola Gang Chad Maitre d' Chong Death's Wife Death Bear Skull Punch The Special Entertainment Skips' Lover Sensei Chad Margaret's Secret Guardian British Taxi Game Store Manager Park Avenue Dr. Asinovskovich Giant Coffee Bean Holagram-Mordecai and Rigby