Lollipops are a kind of candy on a stick. In Pops' native home of Lolliland lollipops are treated as currency; however due to Pops' naivete, he seems to be unaware that the rest of the world does not treat lollipops as legal tender. In "The Power", Pops is manipulated into giving Mordecai and Rigby each a raise of one lollipop each. In "Don", Pops unintentionally causes the park to be audited for trying to pay the park taxes with lollipops. Pops himself, as well as his father Mr. Maellard, are lollipops themselves. In "Ello Gov'nor", Pops gave The Movie Shack Hut Employee one lollipop as an equivalent of one hundred dollars.


  • The only flavor of lollipop that Pops has been seen to carry in his wallet is Butterscotch Ripple. These have been seen in the episodes "The Power" and "Ello Gov'nor".
    *Pops gives Mordecai and Rigby one each when he first meets them in First Day.
    *Although Pops is only seen to carry one flavor, it is sometimes hinted that he carries lollipops other than Butterscotch Ripple as they are the "most expensive" lollipop (as in The Power when he says that a pay increase is in order and gives them two butterscotch ripple, acting as though they're valuable).
    **Though in "The Naive Man from Lolliland" the Lolliland Man (the prototype Pops) paid for a bill with a root beer, a butterscotch ripple and three spearmints.
    *Lollipops are the currency of Lolliland.
    *In Ello Gov'nor, Pops stated that the smallest bill he had was $100, which was a yellow lollipop.