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Rigby's Bed is in Mordecai and Rigby's room and has been seen in various episodes. At first, Rigby slept in a pile of clothes on the floor, like in the episode "First Day". Later, he must have bought it. It is possibly seen in "Go Viral" when Pops jumps on it with the weight of a refrigerator.


It's a trampoline covered in clothing or with a blanket, sometimes even covered in trash.


  • In "Temp Check", Rigby said to Doug that he had to "work your way up to the trampoline" while Rigby slept on it since he moved in.
  • It seems to support the weight of a refrigerator, but it doesn't support the weight of a unicorn.
  • Rigby's bed has been broken three times throughout the series.
  • In "Fortune Cookie", Rigby hid his fortune under his bed.
  • In "Diary", it's revealed that Mordecai stole Rigby's mattress. This explains why Rigby sleeps on a trampoline.