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The Power is an electronic keyboard appearing in the episode, "The Power".


In "The Power", Rigby steals this keyboard from a wizard who was urinating in a bush at the park. The keyboard seems to have magic powers that makes whatever the user says happen. Mordecai named it "The Power" because he claims he always wanted to have a girlfriend with that name. Mordecai and Rigby first used The Power on Pops to test out its power; as a result, Pops gave them butterscotch ripple lollipops for their performance. Seeing that it worked, they used it on Benson who decided to give them each a twenty-dollar raise. After Rigby sends Skips to The Moon by accident, Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and Pops had to use the Power to transport the Golf Cart to go to The Moon. On the moon, The Power's batteries died so Skips had to rip the power cords out of the Golf Cart to make it work so they could quickly escape the moon; so the monster Rigby sent there wouldn't get them. After getting back from the moon, the Power was given to Skips by Benson for all the trouble they caused, who immediately broke it in half.


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  • Calvin Wong has a real-life model of The Power.
  • In the episode "But I Have a Receipt", Pops has a weapon similar to The Power to fight off the monsters on Darthon.
  • A replica of The Power comes with the Mordecai action figure from Jazwares.